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national captioning institute andrew: welcome to the glenn beck program. i'm in for glenn tonight. tonight, the healthcare bill affects the old differently from the young. i will explain, plus signs that new hampshire could be creating their own pravda, and glenn beck himself joins us live. thomas jefferson once said when the people fear their government there is tyranny. when the government fears the people, there is liberty. give us liberty! no sneakers no, m&m's but tonight, beck! let's go! last saturday at 11:00 in the evening, the house of representatives voted by a five-vote margin to have the federal government manage the healthcare of everyone in america at a cost of $1 trillion over the next ten years. for the first time in american history, if this bill becomes law, the feds will force you to buy insurance you might not want or may not need or cannot afford. if you don't purchase what the government tells you to buy, if you don't do so when they tell you to do it, if you don't buy just what they say is right for you, the government may fine you, pr >> welcome to the glenn beck program. i'm glenn beck! just kidding. glenn is still recovering from appendicitis tonight. i'm eric bolling. and coulter, malkin, york and beck! yes, you have heard right. we have multiple glenn beck wannabes on tap but can anyone live up to the real thing? i have the chalk and blackboards ready to g let's go! big news today, america. we sent to sleep saturday night and woke up saturday morning $1.2 trillion further in debt. that's t the congressional budget office is right and the government program actually costs what they tell you it will cost. the giant healthcare bill, here it is, passed the house over the weekend. something senator orrin hatch says will never make it through the senate. the house bill's language is different from the senate in several key ways, including an income tax on high earners to finance the bill. the house's version of the bill also includes a public option while senate majority leader harry reid is still waiting to hear back from the c.b.o. before he decides how to craft his version of government-run heal
. and what glenn beck has been doing to get ready for thanksgiving. minutes from now. greta: she is number one. the memoir by sarah palin is the number-one book in the country, "going rogue." karl rove is back with us. she has sold over 400,000 copies. what is it? what are they selling like hot cakes? >> well, i think she is an interesting personality who relates well to a lot of americans and a lot of people who have been heretofore on the fringes of politics and sitting on the sidelines where motivated during the campaign to get involved and since that time -- where most divided -- were motivated. these crabs sheet -- these crowds she is getting are incredible. this is pretty amazing. to sell this amount of books and not be a president, president clinton sold slightly more books. something tells me she may end up selling more. kerr's sales may be more durable than his. it is certainly a good read -- her sales. it is a very good book. greta: how do we know it she is a flash in the pan or if she has staying power. -- or if she has staying power? what about next month, it is like "sarah who
as the fearmonger in chief, glenn beck. simply stated, beck creates an intersection between the mainstream and the extreme, according to the report by the anti-defamation league. it calls beck, quote -- beck has compared obama to adolf hitler. one of his guests claimed obama was trying to create a security force. he once supported the theory fema was building concentration camps to house dissidents. he eventually backed away from it, but he's consistently posed that obama was dangerous for america. he said he's headed towards socialism and totalitarianism beyond your wildest imagination. his obsession with so-called czars, describing a term proudly launched by the republicans under nixon and reagan and not actually used by the current administration. >> we already know of at least five radical leftists currently advising the president of the united states. and these are just the ones who are open about their radical beliefs and far left ideas. we have our own czar. but it goes by a different name here. here he is, president. remember in history the czars were absolute rulers who answered t
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. these are the questions you got to ask yourself -- who is designing our recovery, because i don't think it is actually a recovery that is being designed. who is buffy wicks? oh, you're going to see something that will blow your mind. follow-up on a story that has been coming for about 90 days. here is my favorite rand i would like to thank diane sawyer for this. why is al gore still eating steak? find out. the purple tie on, of course! who doesn't lock seiu. it's seiu night tonight on the glenn beck program. hello, america. tonight i want to start with this. i'd hike to be wrong tonight. i don't think i am, but i would like to be wrong. i'm going to give the president the credit that he'd hike to take. i'm going to take the president at his word, that his plans have stopped the decline in our economy. obama had this to say, quote "we can see clearly now that the steps my administration are taking are making a huge difference, brunting the worst of this recession and helping to bring
, ladies and gentlemen? glenn beck returns to "the factor" with a major announcement involving him and me. take it away. your humble correspondent. >> i want to warn you, it won't be politically correct. bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. khalid shaikh mohammed gets a break and that's the topic of our "talking points memo." he is involved in planning the 911 atrocity and is perhaps the biggest terrorist captured in america. he was water boarded and gave up some of his al qaeda colleagues who were taken in custody. for the past three years he's been in prison at guantanamo bay where he should have been tried in front of a tribunal. he is a war criminal and killed thousands of civilians. that's what war criminals do. hard to believe the bahama administration doesn't believe that and now will be tried in a new york civilian court and new york congressman peter king is outraged. >> no purpose to be gained by this and will probably put americans at risk and will more importantly be
to what sarah palin said in the interviews. later, glenn beck has financial advice for us. can't wait to h quality and reliability... are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chekĀ® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chekĀ® aviva. born in the u.s.a. bill: "personal story segment" governor palin's book "going rogue" will be an enormous success. joining us to evaluate our conversations thus far with the governor, radio talk show star leslie marshall. you are a liberal woman and she's a conservative woman. so you give her a grade so far. we're asking people to do that on, a-f, grade the interview so far. >> i have to say i'm giving you a b about asking questions that weren't about levi and bristol and her family and husband. but i would have to say for her, oh, i don't want to be mean but bill, i wouldn't
're hoarding gold in your basement is what you're doing? >> not in my basement. bill: glenn beck has financial advice for us. can't wait for that. caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. fact checking sarah palin is this evening's "talking points memo" and i'll keep it short because we have a major policy interview with sarah palin this evening. did you know the associated press, america's largest news wire service used 11 reporters to check the accuracy of sarah palin's new book "going rogue." 11. barack obama has had two best-selling books. the a.p. did not fact-check either one. spokesman paul culper said senator obama wasn't a major player when his book came out. even if you believe that flimsy excuse, once he did become a presidential contender, should the a.p. have then fact-checked his book? i know i'm beating a dead industry here but the blatant left-wing buy as of the american press reached critical mass and it's simply out of control. eve
. ahead, direction from a liberal woman to what sarah palin said in the interviews. later, glenn beck has financial advice for us. can't wait to h bill: "personal story segment" governor palin's book "going rogue" will be an enormous success. joining us to evaluate our conversations thus far with the governor, radio talk show star leslie marshall. you are a liberal woman and she's a conservative woman. so you give her a grade so far. we're asking people to do that on, a-f, grade the interview so far. >> i have to say i'm giving you a b about asking questions that weren't about levi and bristol and her family and husband. but i would have to say for her, oh, i don't want to be mean but bill, i wouldn't give her high points because i felt in true politician form she dodged almost every question that you asked her when she was answering you. she wasn't being specific with her answers and she wasn't giving -- bill: give me an example because i didn't get the feeling she was dodging. i thought she engaged the questions. you may not like the answer. but give me one question you glenn: welcome to a special he edition of the glenn beck program, known as black friday, the official start of the christmas shopping season, but how are you coping in this atmosphere, in this recession? how is america surviving? tonight, we revisit some of the key economic stories affecting your life, the collapse of the dollar, global currency. it is an eye-opening show you can't afford to miss. hello, america. happy black friday, the official start of the christmas shopping season, but how merry will this chris christmas be if we're facing a $12 trillion national debt this year -- $12 trillion? that's up from $6 trillion 7 and a half years a ago. we are literally spending ourselves into oblivion and there's no end in sight. i want to show you a video from cnbc. i was dumbfounded by this interview because the host didn't say, what? i have never heard anyone on television say these things before i saw this. >> oil looks higher. gold looks higher. currencies look weaker, all for the reasons that we talked about before. you've got huge wage disparities. i don't kno
't make sense. but wait! i almost forgot! it's purple day on the glenn beck program. let me summon the purple shirt people there. there they are. you got a problem with that? see, they're not happy, because none of these stats asdz up unless you're wearing a purple shurts. special interests are. could it have something to do with special interests? , no, no, no, the president himself said we're going to get rid of all of those evil special interests are in washington, no! >> we're going to have to change the culture in washington so that lobbyists and special interests aren't driving the process and your voices aren't being drowned out. glenn: see, he has promised us. how is that working out, america? let's start with a few of the special interests. how about aarp? aarp is, strangely, for this plan. i have been trying to figure this one out. even though a majority of seniors oppose it, they're for it. now, it's pretty obvious that cutting $500 billion from medicare probably won't help the seniors, you know, already on it, but maybe aarp wants it bought of the estimated 12 million s
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] welcome to the glenn beck program. these are lahl wean masks by the huffington post, and there is also this one from froshes mag magazine. come on, i'm not that bad! i can't believe that the huffington post is more kind than forbes magazine. is the science settled? are we headed for one world government, and three, if we save the earth, do we destroy our children's future? america, if you believe this country is great, but you're not really into that one world government thing, watch out! because the masks are coming off. stand up, follow me! hello, america. if you missed last night's show, go back on-line and watch it or d.v.r. it every day. we showed you people with clear influence around the white house who want to transform this country into something revoluntionary, are almost venezuelan in nature, completely different than what our founders intended. they want to turn us into a country that focuses more on spreading the wealth than actually creating it, a place where success is punished, mediocrity is encouraged. everybody will
is glenn beck. known for his folksiness and emotion, which sometimes spills over to tears. >> i just love america. >> reporter: and, most of all, for his over-the-top style and words, which for many push the limits of acceptable public rhetoric. >> marxist revolutionaries who have dedicated themselves to destroying nation as we know it. racist. >> reporter: since moving from c.n.n. headline news to fox last year, beck has successfully built up his cable t.v. audience. he now reaches almost three million viewers with his 5:00 pm show. unseating fox's sean hannity for the number two spot, right behind the network's bill o'reilly. on radio, beck's audience of nine million is second only to rush limbaugh. all of these talk show hosts far exceed the numbers of their liberal counterparts. and as the numbers grow, so has the attention in other media, and his seeming influence on the national agenda. beck is a persistent critic of the president and his policies. among much else, he helped rally opponents to show up and speak up at this summer's town hall meetings on health care. and led the way o
are hoarding gold in your basement. >> not in my basement. bill: glenn beck has some financial advice for us. can't wait for that. bill: caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight did you know the associated press, america's largest news wire service used 11 reporters to check the accuracy of sarah palin's new book, going rogue? 11. barack obama has had two best selling books. the a.p. did not fact-check either one. spokesman says that's because then senator obama wasn't a major player when his books came out. each when you believe that flimsy excuse, once he did become a presidential contender, shouldn't the a.p. have then fact-checked his books? now i know i am beating a dead industry here but the blatant left-wing bias of the american press has reached critical mass and simply out of control. even if you don't like sarah palin you know she has been treated unfairly by the media. shouldn
murder today. and, later, glenn beck on the factor. his appearances are quickly becoming legendary. right back. bill: impact segment tonight. the assassin nidal malik hasan currently on a ventilator are in texas. geraldo rivera has been looking into hasan and following the murders today in orlando, florida. he joins us now. i guess there is one dead in orlando. >> one dead. five wounded. bill: what's your measure? and feel free to comment on what bernie and i were talking about that the lame stream media as bernie is calling them now simply won't come to grasp that we saw yesterday. >> i think you are both right. furthermore, i believe that what happened in orlando and what happened in fort hood, texas is the same story. you have a pair marked for identification mid to, obsessed impotent, frustrated loser who takes out his rage, whatever it is he lost his job, kids in columbine high school, they were being bullied in school or in the case of major hasan, he has got whatever his psycho babble religious beef is. they go off and they inflict terrible harm on innocent people to asswage whatev andrew: welcome to the glenn beck program. he is recovering from appendicitis. we have the latest on fort hood and why now may be the time for a third party and the looming healthcare vote and much, much more. as thomas jefferson once said, when the people fear the government, there is a tyranny, but when the government fears the people, there is liberty. we need more liberty. no smeekers, no m&m's tonight, but plenty of beck! come on, let's go! there was a shooting in orlando, florida, and the suspected gunman has surrendered to police. we will have more on that later in the hour. meanwhile, we're learning more about yesterday's shooting at fort hood, texas that left 13 people dead. let's go live to my colleague, bill hemmer. bill, what is the latest? >> judge, good evening from fort hood. we are hearing stories of american heroes an american sacrifice tonight in central texas. rev the name sergeant kim munly and the name of her partner and boss, mark todd. they arrived, civilian police officers in their patrol car five minutes after the first 911 call came yester
" o.t. we can prove they had a little fun with me and our colleague glenn beck -- did you catch "saturday night live"? they had a little fun with me and glenn beck. greta: a squeaker. the health-care bill passed with a razor-thin margin. mitch mcconnell went on the record from his hideaway office on capitol hill. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you, greta. greta: this is a nice little hideaway. >> indeed, it is. greta: what do you think about this? >> well, they broke enough arms to get it over the top, but they lost some who were responding to the american people's position on this bill. there was substantial opposition to this particular type of health-care reform. there was a deep-seated opposition among senior citizens. greta: how do you twist those arms to get the votes on the eve of such an historic vote? it is two votes. >> i think what the president was saying in the and was it was about him and his administration, not the substance -- was saying that it was about him and his administration. about passing his signature. i think in the end, party loyalty got
elsewhere. now we have glenn beck using a similar term on fox news. let me play that for you and we'll come back on the other side. >> i'm sorry. so we know you're hooking, but you're just not cheap. it's $300 million. >> he's talking about about louisiana senator mary landrieu who did get a provision to get her support for breaking the filibuster, $300 million and basically called her a prostitute. let's go back to what sean hannity and michelle were saying on fox news when the allen grayson whore comment was made. >> what would be the reaction if it was a republican? >> well, you know, we'd be strung up by our toes. imagine if you had said something like this, sean, about a lobbyist on capitol hill or any other democratic public figure? >> i didn't hear anyone else on fox criticizing glenn beck for essentially calling mary landrieu a prostitute. >> i have to tell you. i'm a talk show host i'm totally for talk show hosts for getting away with almost anything they say, but i'm amazed at how much fox lets glenn beck get away with. i think he's a ticking time bomb and one day he'llec blowed i
shot hasan four times during last week's attack which killed 13 people. glenn beck urns in a moment but first bret baier previews special report. >> we will have team coverage to bring 9/11 defendants to america for civil civilian trials plus a sneak peek at sarah palin's new book and judicial nominees getting a lot of criticism, at the top of the hour. glenn: people make fun of me that i say i'm concerned about my country and i'm concerned about the descreks we're headed in -- about the direction we're headed in. we're spending out of control and we're teaching people that there's free stuff everywhere. the one thing that i don't see and i don't -- and it's because, i guess, the way i was raised that i don't understand. my grandfather, i believe, had a second grade education. he was a machinist, and he worked at boeing, and he was the head guy for the -- when they had a tough part to make, he couldn't read the plans, but they would explain it to him and say exactly, ed, this is the problem we're having, we have to have this made and he was the guy who did it. i was taught and i was glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. welcome to an hour with the best-selling author vince flynn. i swear to you, my chin is getting so big, i have to give it pants soon. i have that neckline that needs that slimmer thing. we have a special hour. hello, america. i found out that the only people that will tell you the truth on what could happen and the only people that really know are friction authors. they have to know what is really going on so they can weave a story in that is believable. they will also tell you the truth. they have nothing to gain. one of my favorite fiction authors is here and we will spend an hour with him. i think you are going to hear truths that you don't hear very often. most days, i think our main worry is how is your job? you got your job still? the economy is a giant debt wierer's saddling on to our grandkids and the marxists in the white house and the people in washington who are supposed to be representing us, and especially as tough as times are now, now is not the time to take our eyes off of national security. i have se
>>> welcome to the glenn beck program. we have -- are those -- comehan here. beck n post map.gto come here, eric. come on.e are these are halloween masks by the huffington post and there is this one from forbesme magazine. i'm not that bad.i cat i can't believe the huffington post is more kind than forbes magazine. is here are the questions we are going to ask. number one, is the science settled? three are we headed for oneis world government. y iwatch out, because the masks are coming off! stand up, come on, follow me. hello, america. if you missed last night's show, go back on-line and watch it or d.v.r. it every day. we showed you people with clear influence around the white house who want to transform this shing we showed you people who want to different than what our founders intended. they want to turn us into a country that focuses more on spreading the wealth than actually creating it, a place where success is punished, mediocrity is encouraged. everybody will get a trophy, in favor of a nanny state that just knows better than you do. i can't help but think that we ar
on the glenn beck show. i mean, people in ohio and michigan need to do something. a lot of it involves labor. glenn: but what everybody is saying now and this is what global labor is saying is that we will be able to bring the world up to our standard. no, they're not. that's not possible. what we are doing right now is we are spending ourselves into oblivion. it is -- are you familiar with the cloward piven strategy? >> no. it sounds great. glenn: no, it doesn't. you got to look this up, because you would understand this. look up the cloward piven strategy. it is a radical marxist idea that came out of columbia university, and i'm telling you, damon, it's being employed right now, and the idea is you want to change the culture in america? you want to change the government? you want to overthrow the constitution? you don't do it with guns or anything like that. if you want a redistribution of wealth, what you do is you collapse the system, and then it has to restart. well, that's what is happening. they are overwhelming it. >> i know there are a lot of conspiracy theories are out there. i ha
the only people allowed to talk about the founding fathers on this network is glenn beck. >> a medical fact that america loves the underdogs, right. boston red sox, you want them to win. the winner is now on the bottom. you want the underdogs. it is fun to root for the underdog. >> greg: where obama went didn't help and where obama didn't go helped. >> thompson the democratic election for new york. you know, obama waterily mentioned his name when he was in new york and he came close to toppling bloomberg who everyone thought was a shoein and he actually paid $1 trillion to campaign, greg. unbelievable. >> because nobody showed up to vote in new york because they figured bloomberg was going to win. >> i didn't vote. i was too busy on bourbon street. who dat. >> bourbon street is what he calls his bathroom. [ laughter ] >> sad, but true. andrew, last word. >> i just think that dr. drew is probably the one -- the greatest beneficiary of last night. i think he could be our next president. i think that our country is basically in need of one big rehab session and he seems kind of presidential to
beckerheads. >> glenn beck! glenn beck! >> his honesty, his truthfulness, his telling us, the american public, what is really going on in our government. we love him to death. >> i don't want to say he's our savior but he's pretty close. >> if you're going to refer to glenn beck as a savior, then you're going to get to follow him all the way into "psycho talk." >>> up next, this colorado man behind this billboard, well, he will explain why he thinks the president is only jihad. he'll talk to us next. >>> the catholic church decided a member of the most revered catholic family, the kennedys, can't have communion. the president of the catholic league, bill donahue, will go head to head with me on that issue. research firm, in 2009 clients rated wells fargo advisors the #1 u.s investment firm for doing what's best for them. with advisors nearby and nationwide, we're with you when you need advice and planning expertise to meet today's challenges. wells fargo advisors. together we'll go far. jeep. knowing reality isn't captured by a hidden camera. it doesn't come in episodes either. you see i don'
. reaction from none other than glenn beck, the author, another book. another one -- a picture book. it will be our fourth, this could be our fourth number one best-seller of the year. >> in three weeks. you and gingrich, every three weeks. >> we're machines. >> you don't sleep, you just type. i have a something for you. i'm watching your program more and more now. you lay out on your blackboard very interesting things. you may some comparisons between founding fathers -- but at the end of all of that which is interesting, i say who does beck think can turn the country around. what say you? >> i wish i had an answer for that, bill. i haven't seen them yet. i keep looking for a george washington to appear. he was the guy that didn't want to serve. we got to the constitutional convention, he said i just want to be a farmer, i want to go back to mount vernon. i'm hoping we can find somebody. >> bill: we have hundred senators and 500 people, all of them? >> not all of them but here is the problem, the system, two-party system, i go back to george washington, he said it would be about mo
. you are just being brainwashed by glenn beck, and they're just fighting against obama because he's black. they just don't want to see a black president succeed. >> the thing that glenn beck said before is that people are not studying about who we are, how this country was founded and the only way we will be able to stop this, in the black community as well, is until we know who we are, where we really came from, and -- glenn: lisa, hang on. i have to take a break. let me say this before we take a break. america, i think this is -- i think this is where african-american conservatives have a leg up on just plain old conservatives. if you're a conservative, you are accused of starving little children to death, making sure that nobody has education, you just hate everybody coming across the border illegally bought they're different than you, et cetera, so you, as a conservative and i don't think liberals really understand this, as a conservative, we're human beings and so you say these things and we go home at night, and say gosh, is that what -- no, and you have to do soul soul sear
national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. anita, miss me? tonight is the question i want to ask you, who is the extremists here? , the tea partygoers who say crazy things like stop spending money you don't have, or pay your taxes! or, i love this one -- read the bill! or is the extremist this guy, you know, that kills 13 while shooting allah akbar? i actually don't think we need to go more than just that one. i got my vote. i think he is the extremist, but the tea partygoers, they want small government. government is not reason. it is not eloquent. it is not force like fire. it is is a dangerous serpent and a fearful master. yeah. yeah, this guy is crazy, isn't he? i'm going to go with him. how about you? decide, coming up. cheer glenn: hello, america. i always knew the news of the day would make an organ explode. we caught it in time and it wasn't actually on the air. i have been gone the last couple of days and so i want to cover some ground that you have already tilled, but i have to tell you something, i don't know how you do i
glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. we are are getting bogged down on the small stuff. we are laser focused. we sometimes forget to pull back and we need to see the forest through the trees. tonight we will try to do that and see the big picture. the big picture for me, i only want the president to worry about three things, jobs, economic and safety. keeping us safe, that's t how is he doing on those things? oh, you are br to find out. hello, america. what is it that you really want from the government? what is it they're supposed to do? right now, i got to tell you, i would just settle for someone who knows how to operate a calculator -- no, no, knows how to operate the calculator, can read the calculator and tell me the numbers honestly. if you really believe some marxist utopian system is the way to go, use honesty, and make that chase for the redistributive change, don't hide behind our constitution saying anything. i mean, i would hide it myself. it is the only way to get it past the american people, considering the trouble in sean penn's beloved cuba and venezuela, d
magazine. glenn beck was second with 11% and two politician, dick cheney and sarah palin, each got 10%. >>> the senate begins debate on the health care reform bill today. the $848 billion bill would overhaul the nation's health care system. the legislation includes a public option which is supported by many democrats. but republicans are opposed to it. and some conservative dems may not support it. a file senate vote is not expected until next month or early next year. >>> iran's president is defending his nation's decision to defy the united nations over its nuclear program. at a sunday cabinet meeting, president mac mood ahmadinejad said iran needs new uranium enrichment plants. that move is likely to heighten tensions with the west. it has already been denounced by the u.s. and new sanctions against iran by the united nations could follow. wretch arrested roth reports. >> reporter: iran announced it's expanding its nuclear program just days after the u.n.'s atomic watch dog demanded a freeze on uranium enrichment with apambitious time table to build ten new plants to process uraniu
versus glenn beck. >> i agree the anger is going to continue and the white house has strategically created this impression. >> i eff no idea. this year doesn't look like last year. we have two wars, a depression. it is a very populous moment but that can hurt anybody. i wouldn't predict anything at this point. chris: can we have another panelist in here to to make a prediction? just kidding. we have scoops and predictions coming up. be right back. chris: welcome back. tell me something i don't know. >> there may be some progress in the coming weeks of finding a u.s. location for guantanamo detainees but probably not going to meet the deadline in january. >> i always like to bring you news from my hometown. in new york, governor david patterson, with ratings down in the 20's, has launched his re-election bid. even though no democrats one -- want him. he has ads on the air and hired bill and hillary clinton's old manager. chris: congratulations to the yankees. >> i'm not a yankees. >> john gear, pitical science professor at vanderbilt. he's doing some interesting research. it shows t
glenn beck books and telling us that they were going to pull the plug on grandma. >> address these comments that i just quoted from senator lincoln here. is it possible that what she's looking for is something she can take back to arkansas and say, i did this myself here, i guaranteed something? is she looking for something, some small island to stand on and nothing more than that? >> well, you know, keith, she was so unequivocal on saturday on the floor of the senate when she said, i cannot vote for something that is basically a government-run health care program. that's what she called it. and that includes the public option. so i don't know how she retreats from that. i certainly hope she's willing to retreat from that. but i think it's very unlikely. i think it's really important for democrats to be really clear and unambiguous about what they will accept, what they will not accept, and to stop trying to believe that they can move people along, because so far they have been incredibly unsuccessful. >> there's one point that was made and i believe it was made by a poster a
glenn: welcome to a special edition of the glenn beck program. we revisit heroes that their inspirational stories remind us that he we have much to be grateful. next. happy thanksgiving and thanks for watching. we look at some of the stories that remind us of our principles and values that brought our founding fathers together, the thing that makes our nation great and as always helps us weather any storm. one of the groups who truly understands what our country needs most, moms. moms. it's in their nature to protect their children. they have the hardest job and most respected job in america. right now, many mothers are concerned about what the future holds for their kids. moms are saying now, wait a minute, i don't understand exactly what happened to our country, but i can see where we're headed here. what's happening to our schools? how do our children survive in all of this? here is a look back at a special show featuring the 9/12 moms. it was amazing, history lessons are not being taught to our children. that is the theme of the first one. it was basically tha
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